Alan Crossland

After graduating from SPC in the spring of 1988, Alan applied for a job at Don Caldwell Studios in Lubbock. He became the chief engineer at Don’s studio after 4 years and ultimately leased the the studio after Don launched the Cactus Theater in 1995. He ran the operation  until 2000 when he built his own state -of-the-art studio near the Crossland family farm in Acuff Texas. His studio, Route 1 Acuff, has become one of the most successful and creative studios in West Texas. Alan has produced and engineered albums for many of the major West Texas bands and artists and provides one of the most creative recording environments in West Texas. Alan and Don have done projects together since meeting and continue to work together, not only on concert productions, but to create a vibrant entertainment industry in West Texas. Alan is currently the chief engineer for Caldwell Entertainment’s concert productions  and a major factor in Caldwell’s ability to effectively present world class productions.